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Sharing your tours with Real Estate platforms

Make sure your tours are MLS-compliant

The rules will vary depending on your MLS. Here are some common ones people have to abide by:

Disable all branding in your tours
Remove any links away from the MLS
Refrain from adding any contact information in the tour
Avoid any extra text or images, and only have the absolute minimum needed for the tour to function

We recommend checking in with your own MLS on what rules they have for virtual tours, and just abiding by those.

Once you know what rules you'll need to follow, here are the steps you can take to ensure compliance:

If you need to remove branding, here's how to remove Metareal's branding and your own.
If you need to remove links, make sure there are no hyperlinks in your labels.
If you need to remove contact information, just remove any labels and notes containing contact details, and refrain from adding logos.
If you need to remove all extra text and images in your tour, make sure not to use any labels, notes, or custom themes.

Once that's done, just publish your tour like usual, and share your tour URL with your MLS in the appropriate field.

Check out these links for guidelines on how to do that with:

Updated on: 10/07/2023

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