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Regional publishing

When publishing your projects, you're given the option to choose between the following regions:

Which region/s should you pick?

It depends on where you and your clients are located:

US East (Canada & the US East coast)
US West (US West coast)
Asia Pacific North East (North Asia)
Asia Pacific South East (South East Asia)
Europe North (European continent)
South America (South America)
Europe West (UK)
Oceania (Australia, NZ, Pacific islands)

You can check one or multiple regions.

If you and your clients are located in the UK, for example, then just publish to Europe West. If you also have clients in France, publish to Europe North as well and share that link to them.

NOTE: If your region is missing from our list, send us a message so we can add it.

Why is it important to publish to the right region?

The target region actually tells Metareal Stage which of our 7 publishing servers, each located in a different region, you would like to publish to. The closer a device is to that server, the faster the tour is going to load on that device.

So if you publish to APSE, and you're located in South East Asia, the tours are going to load quickly on your device. But if you try to access that same tour in the USA, you're going to have a very laggy experience.

Updated on: 03/03/2023

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