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Export your floorplan

Basic Floorplan

You can export your generated floorplan as a DXF or SVG file. Do note that this option is only available for Professional and up users.

How to export as DXF

In your Project Dashboard, click Export, and the following popup will appear:

Make sure the target platform is "Export Floorplan as .DXF", and click Export.

After a few seconds, a new link will appear under the Published Versions section.

Click on the link to start downloading the file to your computer. You can also share the link with other people if you would like to share your DXF file with others.

How to export as SVG

In your project dashboard, click Edit Tour to open the tour editor.

While you're in Plan View, scroll down the helper pane until you reach the Export Floorplan section.

Click "Export current floor as SVG" for each floor.

HQ Schematic Floorplan

How to export as PDF or JPG

After you get your project back, under the Published Versions section, you'll see links to download your floorplan as a PDF or JPG file. Just click the links to download.

Updated on: 19/02/2021

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