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Publish your project

So you're done building your project. Now it's time to publish it and share it with the world.

How to publish

Just click Publish in your Project Dashboard:

Or inside your Tour Editor:

Configure your Publish settings:

Description: The description your published tour link will have under the Published Versions section later

Target Platform: You can choose between Web and Google Street View (more options to come in the future). Leave it as Web unless you want to publish to Google Street View.

Target Regions: Select all the regions you would like to publish your tour to. The closer your tour viewer is to that region, the faster your tours will be for them. So if you're located in Brazil, for example, make sure to select South America. If you have customers in Singapore as well, select Asia Pacific South East too. (More on Regional Publishing)

Enable Streaming API: Enable developer control / tracking of your tour using the Streaming API.

Password: Type in a password if you would like your tour to be locked to the public. Leave blank if you would like to keep your tour accessible to anyone.

password lock

Once you're done configuring your settings, click PUBLISH

In your Project Dashboard, a new section will appear called Published Versions:

This is where you'll find all your published links.

Now you can click on the URL to open your tour in another tab, and copy paste that URL to other places to share it all over the web, such as Airbnb and MLS.

You can also embed it to your own website using iframes.

Updated on: 13/07/2023

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