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Remove Metareal branding

When making tours in the free Creator plan, a Metareal watermark will be added to the top left of your published tour. To disable this, upgrade to a paid plan, and the watermark will automatically disappear.

Add your own logos

There are three main places you can add your own logo (available for Professional and up users):

Tour logo
Nadir patch

NOTE: If you're planning to share your tour in an MLS listing, you might need to refrain from adding any branding to your tours. In that case, just remove Metareal's branding and leave your logos blank.

Customize player theme

There are several items you can change to customize the player theme (available to Premium users):

Panorama locator & door logo icons
Font type
Menu buttons

Once you're happy with your theme, you can then save it and load it to other tours, so you don't have to keep configuring it every time.

Change tour URL

As of now, you can't change the actual tour URL. We're planning to make it possible in future versions. But for now, you can just embed your tour to a page on your website, and share the link to that page instead if you want to hide our URL (like this:

Updated on: 03/05/2023

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