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**What are labels?**

Labels are annotations you can add to your virtual tour to provide additional information.

**What kinds of information can you add with labels?**







...and more!

**How to add labels:**

NOTE: Labels aren't available for free Creator accounts. If you would like to use labels, make sure to upgrade to a Professional and up subscription first. More about Metareal's pricing.

Inside the Tour Editor, switch to Design View.

Click the Label tool (found on the upper left corner of the screen).

Click any spot in your tour you'd like to add the label to.

**Editing labels:**

Choosing label type

If you want your label to show up on Desktop and Mobile devices, select "Desktop/Mobile Label".

If you want it to show up when you're using a VR headset, select "VR Label".

Adding content

For simple text content, just type into the Text field.

If you would like to make the text stylized (i.e. bold, italicized, add headings, bullet lists, etc.), or you would like to add images/videos/other media, click on the pencil icon next to TEXT to open the Label Text Editor.

Add your content here, format it however you like, and click Save.

_NOTE_: Only option 1, plain text, is available for VR labels right now.

Changing anchor icon

Click Browse to upload your own icon from your computer.

Adjust the icon size to make it smaller or bigger.

Click "Apply to all icons" if you would like all of your labels to have this icon & icon size.

If you add a URL Link, the viewer will be taken to the URL if they click anywhere inside your label (excluding videos and iframes).

Choose whether you would like the viewer to open the link in the same tab or a new tab, or if you would like to use the link to trigger an SDK event.

Then type in what URL you would like them to go to.

*You can use label links to connect different parts of the tour or several different tours together

Changing width and height

The label's width and height will automatically adjust to fit all the label contents. If you would like to give it a set width instead, type in the values here.

You can use pixel or % units. If you would like the width to be 600 pixels, type in "600px". If you would like the label height to be 50% of the screen size, type in "50%".

Configuring border

Border color - the color of the border around your label content.

Border size - the thickness of the border.

Padding - how much white space is between the content and the border.

Background color - the background color of the label box.

Background hover color - the background color of the label box if you hover your cursor over it.

Changing connection style

Switch between Arrow:



Or None:

Display position

A Floating label is positioned relative to the anchor point/center of the label icon.

The angle changes where it's positioned around the point (ex. at 90 degrees, the content would be directly above the point, and at 180, it would be to the left of the point).

The length changes how much distance there is between the label box and the icon.

Switching to Fixed in Screen Space makes it so the label is positioned relative to the screen.

If you select "Center", the label box will be positioned right in the middle of the screen. "Left" positions it to the left, and "Right" to the right.

Margin changes how much blank space there is between the label box and the left or right of the screen.

Changing visibility

Select when you would like the viewer to see the label box and the icon.

Always open/visible means the box/icon will always show as long as the object the icon was added to is visible.

On the same pano makes the box/icon visible only if the viewer is in the same pano your label was added to.

In the same room makes the box/icon visible only if the viewer is in the same room as the label.

Open on click keeps the label box closed until the viewer clicks on the icon (NOTE: this is the only option for label box visibility if you go with a Fixed in Screen Space position).

Moving labels

Just click on the label and drag it to a different spot in your tour.

Deleting labels

Select the label and press DELETE on your keyboard.

Updated on: 03/05/2023

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