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What are notes?

Notes are text and measurement annotations you and your viewers can add to your tour and share with other people.

Enable notes

NOTE: Only available for Premium and up users.

From your Project Dashboard, click Edit Tour
Switch to Design View
Scroll down the right pane, until you reach the Show/Hide components section
Check "Enable Notes"

Editing notes

Create note session

In your published tour, you'll see the following icon near the bottom left of your tour:

Click that, and you'll get this notice:

NOTE: Make sure to save the new tour URL if you would like to open the same note session later.

Click OK, and you'll see the Notes Manager appear on your tour.

Add notes

Navigate to the spot in your tour you would like to add notes to. Then click this icon:

then click on a spot in your tour:

Now just type in whatever text you would like to add.

Repeat the process to add more notes.

Select & jump to note

Just click on the note in the notes manager to select it and jump to that point in your tour.

Unselected notes will remain hidden in your tour as you move around.

Add measures

Click this icon:

Now click on your tour, extend the ruler until you've captured what you would like to measure, then click again.

Share note session

There are two options when sharing note sessions:

Share for viewing

Select this if you want other people to be able to see your notes, but not edit them.

Share for editing

Select this if you want other people to be able to see & edit your notes.

To share, just click "Share for viewing" or "Share for editing", and you'll get a tour URL that you can share with other people.

Hide/Show Notes Manager

To hide the notes manager, click this icon on the upper right of it:

To show it again, just click the note session icon again.

Delete notes & note session

You can delete all notes and reset your note session by pressing Delete All.

You can also hover over individual notes and click the X button that appears to delete specific notes.

Delete measures

Click the center of the measurement you would like to delete:

Then press DELETE on your keyboard.

Updated on: 03/05/2023

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