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Show/hide menu components

Your tour has several components you can enable/disable:

You'll find this list when you click Edit Tour from your Project Dashboard, then switch to Design View.

Here's what each option does if checked:

Show all menu options

Enable menu icons in your published tour

Show floor plan

Allow your tour viewers to switch to floorplan view

Show model

Allow your tour viewers to switch to 3D model view

Show rooms chooser

Display an image gallery of all your rooms, so viewers can quickly switch between rooms

Show rooms chooser by default

Room chooser immediately shows when the tour loads, and every time the viewer switches back to it from other model/floorplan view

Show measure tools

Allow tour viewers to measure objects in your room

Show virtual reality

Allow tour viewers to access your tour with VR headsets from WebVR & Mobile VR

Show minimap

Overlays a minimap of your floorplan that viewers can use to quickly navigate between spots in your tour

Show title and location

Display the title & location of your project at the top of your tour

Show panorama locators

Depict the center of each panorama visually in the tour, so viewers can figure out where else they can move to

On the floor

Display the panorama locators as dots on the floor

Floating above the floor

Display the panorama locators as bubbles floating in the air

Show labels (available for Professional and up users)

Show extra text/images/links you've added using labels

Always visible

Label information is always displayed (otherwise viewer will have to click on the label dot/logo to view the info inside)

Enable 6DOF

Allow the viewer (in VR) to move freely (6 degrees of freedom) instead of locking the position of the head at the panorama's center

Enable notes (available for Premium and up users)

Allow viewer to add their own text and measure notes

Show welcome screen

Display this when the tour loads:

Updated on: 03/05/2023

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