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Unpublish or Delete your tour link

There are two ways to disable your tour link:


To do either, go to the Published Versions section of your Project Dashboard, and hover over the tour link you want to disable:

How to unpublish

Click this icon:

And your tour status while change from green to red:

Now if you click on that tour link, it's going to issue this error instead of showing your tour:

To re-enable your tour, just hover over your tour link again:

And click this icon:

If you click the tour link, you'll see that your tour is now once again accessible.

How to delete

Click this icon instead:

And after a quick confirmation, that tour link will be deleted from the list:

There is no recovering a deleted link, but you can always publish a new version of your tour to get a new link.

Should you unpublish or delete?

Unpublishing is ideal for situations where you'd like to disable your tour link temporarily. For example, let's say a client hired you to build a tour for them. But after finishing the tour and sharing the link, they're now refusing to pay. Then you can just disable the tour link, so they lose access to the tour, and re-enable it as soon as they pay.

Deleting is for when you'd like to permanently disable your link, such as when you build a tour for a house, and no longer need the tour active once it's been sold.

Updated on: 19/02/2021

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