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Version 1.8


Set whether you want an object to be visible in your floorplan, 3D model, and/or tour

object visibility toggle
object visible in floorplan
object visible in model

Enable/disable text in the floorplan in Plan View

floorplan text options

Reset Tour now asks for confirmation, so you don't accidentally reset your tour

Project Name and Published Version names can now be edited right in the Project Dashboard

edit project name

edit published version name

Room names can also be edited just by clicking the name and typing into the field

edit room name

Logos are now part of your skin themes, so they can be saved and loaded along with the rest of the skin

Make SVG floorplans more interactive by overlaying panorama discs/dots and changing the position/scale/rotation of the imported floorplan in Design View

pano dots on imported floorplans


Middle East target region now available


Measure tool cursor is now in 3D, so it's easier to see which surface you're taking measurements from

3D measuring cursor against window


Premium subscription now has team features, and can have up to 3 users in the same space sharing the same projects

team dashboard

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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