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Version 1.6 - What's new?

More Support πŸ’ͺ
We've recently switched to a more sophisticated multichannel support platform, allowing you to connect with us instantly and get support for any questions you may have.

New Publish Regions 🌎
Users from Central Europe can now publish tours to "Central Europe" for faster load times.

Tour Editor Views πŸ”Ž
Tours can now be published with the option to disable tour view, allowing you to only have plan view or model view turned on for your users.
It's also now possible to disable areas and dimensions display in the plan view.
Rooms in the plan view are no longer rotated, even if they're rotated in Google Maps.

New workflows for updating existing tours πŸ“
Now there's no need to rebuild a room when changing the reference panorama, the room will automatically adjust existing geometry to the new reference panorama.
This change makes it easy to update existing tours with new imagery, for example, when making a construction report, or building tours representing different dates for the same location.

Specify Units πŸ“
When submitting jobs, you can now specify in the job submission dialog whether you want to use imperial or metric units.

Door State Visibility πŸšͺ
Doors in the room editor now have a visible state to show if it’s closed or open.

Job Delivery Email πŸ“§
Now our job delivery emails include the project name.

+ Over 55 bugs fixed!

Comment on this new release and see what other users are saying in the Metareal Stage Users Group! Have another feature you want us to add? Send us an email or chat message and tell us all about it.If you want a more in-depth conversation, you can also book a call direct to Gareth, our CEO, anytime.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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