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V1.16: Tour Player v.2.0, Default project settings, S Africa publishing, etc.

Hey everyone! We've been super busy with a range of new features just in time for Christmas.

Highlight: Tour Player v.2.0

The highlight of this release is the new Tour Player v.2.0. With smoother movement and multi-resolution panorama streaming, it effectively removes perceptible blurring when you transition between panoramas.

See how those picture frames at the end are readable instantly after moving panos?

And we have a whole lot more for you in this release!

Default settings

Set default settings for all future projects in User Preferences page

Also in User Preferences page, set default regions for publishing

Publish to South Africa

South Africa is now available as a target region when publishing

New look

Minimap and publish modal have been redesigned with a fresh modern look

Export transactions

Receive an email with your transaction history when clicking export in Billing page

Regenerate textures per room

When you only want to regenerate textures in one room, select the room in Plan view (click room) or Model view (double click room) and click Regenerate textures

Batch floor assignment

Shift+click rooms in plan view to multi-select them and set their floor assignment together


Project 3D into equirectangular for all the panoramas in a room
Texture animated 3D objects
Create a room for a project with panoramas
Get and set panorama annotations

View examples here

In addition to the new features, the team also corrected over 21 bugs and issues reported by you.

Happy holidays and happy tour building!
The Metareal Team

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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