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Label Text Editor buttons

The Label Text Editor is an in-app word processor that lets you format text and add multimedia to your labels.

Menu options


New Document - Reset the contents of the label/editor.


Undo - Undo the latest change.

Redo - Redo undone changes.

Cut - Cut the selected content from the label.

Copy - Copy the selected content to your clipboard.

Paste - Paste copied content to your label.


Source code - Lets you view & edit the HTML source code for your label.

Visual aids - Enable/disable visual aid for tables, anchors etc., so they can be more easily edited inside the editor.


Image - Upload/insert an image from your computer/image hosting service.

Link - Add a hyperlink to the selected text.

Media - Insert a video from Youtube/Vimeo/etc.

Code sample - Add a visual code snippet to your label.

Table - Insert a table inside your label.

Special character - Add special characters to your label.

Emoticons - Add emoticons to your label.


Bold - Make the selected text bold.

Italic - Italicize the selected text.

Underline - Underline the selected text.

Strikethrough - Strikethrough the selected text.

Superscript - Turn the selected text into superscript.

Subscript - Turn the selected text into subscript.

Code - Turn the selected text into a code snippet.

Formats - Set the selected text to a predefined format.

Blocks - Set the selected text's block type (ex. Heading 1, Paragraph, etc.).

Fonts - Change the font family of the selected text.

Font sizes - Change how big or small you want the font to be.

Align - Align content to the left, center, right, or have it justified.

Line height - Configure the spacing between lines.

Text color - Set the color of the selected text.

Background color - Set the background highlight color of the selected content.

Clear formatting - Resets all formatting to default values.


Source code - Lets you view & edit the HTML source code for your label.

Light or Dark Editor

Switch between light mode or dark mode.


Discard all the changes you made to the editor.


Save all your changes.

Updated on: 03/05/2023

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