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Floorplan User Dimensions

What are User Dimensions?

Room dimensions are automatically generated for your floorplans whenever you're building a tour.

But you can also add your own custom measurements using User Dimensions.

Click here for an example of a tour with this feature (make sure to switch to floorplan view).

How do you add them to your floorplan?

With your project open, click Edit Tour
In Plan View, click on this icon in the upper left

Move your cursor to the point where you would like to start measuring, and click (cursor will snap to surface for more precise measurement

Move you cursor to the endpoint, and click again (you can hold shift while moving your cursor to keep the line straight)

Move your cursor to where you would like the measurement to appear, and click

Custom measurement is now set

(Optional) Edit font size & color under the Font section of the right pane

How do you delete them from your floorplan?

Click the box containing your dimension to select it

Hit DELETE on your keyboard

Updated on: 03/05/2023

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