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Troubleshooting Upload Issues

In rare cases, the image upload process may appear as if its not progressing. To resolve this, you can try the following:

Check your Internet speed, it should be at at least 5mbps for the uploader to work at a reasonable speed. You can use the built in speed tester in Chrome (just type 'speedtest' in the search box), or head to a speed testing site, such as
Clear your browser cache. Sometimes the cache gets into a state where it causes errors with our web pages. Clearing them usually solves a lot of issues. In Chrome, go to chrome://settings/clearBrowserData. In Safari, it's located under the Developer menu.
Logout (, then clear your cache and cookies for and, then login again.

If that doesn't work, please reach out to us via the chat window.

Updated on: 19/02/2021

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