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"Editor is in read-only. Save has been disabled" error

While in the Room Editor or Tour Editor, you may get the following error banner at the top of your page:

While this error message is showing, none of your changes will be saved while you're editing.

Why did you get it?

Your internet connection got cut off while you were editing your project.
Someone else is logged into your account and is trying to edit in the same page you're on.
You have too many Metareal tabs open.

How to fix it

Make sure to fix your connection first, then refresh the page.

Assuming you've shared your login credentials with another person, ask them to stop editing the same page, then refresh it. (If you didn't share or authorize another person to use your account, make sure to reset your password.)

Close all your other Metareal tabs and refresh your page.

Updated on: 19/02/2021

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