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Panoramas aren't aligning properly

The most common reasons why your panos might not be matching up are:

You didn't put in the right lens height. Lens height is the main measurement we use to extrapolate the dimensions of the 3D drawing. So if your lens height is wrong, your panos aren't going to match up well.
Your panoramas aren't leveled. Make sure to level all of your panoramas before trying to align them with your reference panorama.
Your panoramas have a lot of distortion. This could be because (a) you used a low quality camera (like Qoocam or Insta360). We highly recommend using a DSLR camera (or the Theta Z1 if you would like to stick to 360 cameras). Or (b) because the photos weren't stitched properly (we recommend checking out ptGUI for the best stitcher out there).
Your panoramas are too distant. While you don't need to shoot every few feet, for large spaces it's still ideal to have a panorama every 20 feet at least just to be sure your measurements are still accurate.

Updated on: 19/02/2021

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