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Storage Space

Storage Space


How many total GB of project data your account can hold
Depends on your subscription plan


How many total GB of project data your account is currently taking up
Depends on how many projects you have, and how big their file sizes are


How many total GB of project data your account remains unused
= Available - Used

How much storage space does a typical tour use up?

Metareal projects don't really take up a lot of storage space.

Take the sample project tour for example.

This 2BR, 2 floor house, built using 23 4K panoramas, is only about 136MB of space after publishing. With our free Creator plan, you have 1 GB of space available. So you can have about 7 tours of this size in your account. With a Professional plan, you have 5GB, so that's enough space for 37 tours of the same size. For Premium, with 50GB, you can have 367 tours of this size.

How much space do you need?

Just consider what types of projects you'll be doing. If you're planning to only make tours of apartments with only about 10 panoramas each, then you can squeeze in a lot more tours into your given storage space, and you can afford to stay at a lower subscription plan. If you're planning to build huge sprawling complexes, then each project will use up more of your space, and you may need to upgrade faster.

How to check your account's storage data

Go to your Usage & Billing page (make sure you're logged in to access this page)

Under "Summary" page, you'll see:

How much space is currently being Used by your account, over how much space you have Available

What percent of your Available storage space is currently being Used

Used up all your storage?

If you use up 100% of your available storage quota, you'll no longer be able to create new projects or edit them.

To remedy that, you have 2 options:

Delete your old projects and lost & found assets, to free up more data
Upgrade to a higher subscription, to expand your available storage

Updated on: 06/11/2023

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