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What is the Team feature?

Team lets you add multiple users under one account, so you can share projects together and receive updates on all user activity.

How can you set up your Team?

The Team feature is automatically added to your account upon upgrading to Premium or Enterprise.

You can then go to the Team page to add other users to your account.

In the ADD MEMBER section, type in the email address of the user you want to add (make sure they already have a Metareal account), and click Add.

WARNING: Upon being added, team users will no longer have access to their old projects. They will only have access to the team account's projects.

Premium teams can have up to 3 users, Enterprise teams can have up to 5 (though this can be negotiable depending on your Enterprise contract).

How can you manage projects with multiple members?

We recommend using tags to make project management easier.

You could for example have a "user" tag, to indicate which projects are assigned to which user. A "status" tag can then be used to indicate which projects are still in progress and which projects are finished.

How can you monitor your team members' activity?

At the bottom of the Team page, there is an ACTIVITY section that has a table listing all of your team members' actions since being added to the team.

You can filter to individual users, actions, or projects by using the Search function.

You can also send emails to yourself notifying you of any activity by checking the "Send email notifications" checkbox. (This can be useful for setting up automations through Zapier or code as well).

Updated on: 03/05/2023

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