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How to prepare your tours for processing

Make sure your images are in the right format. Supported image formats are PNG and JPG, and they have to be 360 equirectangular panoramas (360x180 degrees) with a 2:1 aspect ratio, like this:

Even if your images are equirectangular panoramas, there are some other considerations to take into account to make a workable 3D virtual tour:

Do each of your panoramas have clear line-of-sight to at least one other panorama in the set? If not, you job submission will likely be rejected.
If possible, make sure your tour is a single building or location - multiple buildings should be submitted as separate tours. Don't worry, you can connect them together afterwards if needed.
If your tour includes exteriors, be aware that only areas with level ground can be used. Areas with uneven terrain will be extremely approximate, if they can be used at all.
Are all the doors of interior rooms open (don't worry about cupboards). If not, the production team may not be able to work out which rooms belong where, and your tour may be rejected.
Do you have images in doorways? (Are there images on the threshold between rooms?) - this complicates reconstruction in Metareal, and if there are more than 1 or 2 such images, your job submission may be rejected.
Have you included duplicate images by mistake? You will be charged per image, even if there are duplicates, so it will cost you more.

In your Project Browser, click New Project

Check all the components you want added to your tour, then click Create

Change your Project Name by typing over this field

Scroll down to Source Images and click Upload

Add your images from Dropbox, Google Drive, or your local folder, and click Upload.

Wait until Stage is done processing your panos (you'll know it's done once the gear icons disappear and are replaced by thumbnails of your photos). Please check carefully that your set of photos has no Broken Assets as this too will result in your job submission being refused.

Scroll back up to the top and click Build it for me

Fill out the form and submit your job.

Please note that, due to the need for fast processing times, we cannot accept logos, nadir patches or additional instructions with your tour submission. It's easy to add such items to your tour once it has been delivered.

Your project status will change to Pending, while we do a quick check if your images are in the right format, and if we have enough information to build your tour (which takes 1-12 hours depending on the time of day when you submit).

Once your project is Approved, the clock starts ticking and we'll start working on it. If your tour contains 60 panoramas or less, you should get your fully built project back within 2-3 working days*, at which point we'll send you an email notification to tell you the project is done.

Updated on: 01/06/2021

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