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How many panoramas do you need?

Compared to other 3D virtual tour platforms, you need less panoramas when making tours with Metareal Stage. That's because you don't need to shoot every few feet. At the minimum, you just need to preserve line of sight between panos, so viewers can still move easily between rooms.

So you only need to shoot panoramas near doors, which means about 1-2 panos per room. You can also add more if you want:

The more panos in a room you have, the better your 3D model will tend to look, and the more accurate your floorplan.

For example:

The model on the left was made with 3 panoramas, but the one on the right was made with just 1. The furniture in the left room looks much more defined and compact, while the ones in the right looks distorted, with their textures even spreading across the walls and floor.

So shoot a lot of panos if a good 3D model & accurate floorplan is important to you. If you're only concerned about producing a nice looking tour though, then just shoot the minimum number of panos.

Additionally, if you're trying to capture a huge space (ex. an auditorium, or a long corridor), we would recommend taking at least 1 pano every 20 feet, to keep your measurements accurate.

Updated on: 18/02/2021

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