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Add more panoramas

In Part 2 of the Metareal Basics series, learn how to add more panoramas to your room & republish your project to create that amazing 3D transition effect with Metareal Stage.

Table of contents:

00:28 - Upload & add more panoramas

01:46 - Prep panos for joining

04:15 - Join panos together...

04:46 - ...with Snap mode

06:43 - ...with Interactive mode

08:42 - Which pano alignment mode should you use?

09:28 - Refresh your floorplan, model, & tour

10:47 - Change transitions using the nav map

12:06 - Show minimap

12:23 - Republish your tour

Additional resources:

Download new panoramas
More about snap vs. interactive alignment mode

Updated on: 18/02/2021

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