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Use this tool to position a panorama image in space relative to the existing room geometry. Panorama registration is the process of positioning and orienting panoramas in 3D space by using feature matching or snaps. In order for the registration to work, a minimum of 2 snaps on floor corners are required. Additional snaps refine the registration solution.

Note: the first 2 snaps must be corner snaps, additional snaps can be any type of snaps.

Warning: The accuracy of the registration is highly dependent on the quality of the panoramas. Badly stitched panoramas will produce less precise results because they are less physically correct. The placement of the snaps also plays an important role in the registration. Snaps should be placed in such a way that they are not all in the same area. Try to place snaps on multiple walls and regions of the floor for better results.

Adding a Corner Snap

To add a snap, first click the corner to be snapped.

Then click where that corner is on the current panorama.

A snap marker will appear with the snap index.

That snap will also appear in the snap list right next to the snap tool.

Adding a Non-Corner Snap

To add a non-corner snap,

First set the blend reference on an already registered panorama or the reference panorama. By using

on the appropriate image tile.

Then set BLEND all the way to the left in order to see the reference panorama.

Click on a feature that you want to snap between the two panoramas.

Then set BLEND all the way to the right in order to see the current panorama.

And click on the corresponding feature in the current panorama.

A new snap will appear with two circles, indicating the position of the snap in the reference panorama and the position of the snap in the current panorama. The closer the circles are, the more accurate the registration is.

Notice how in this case, the registration wasn't able to find a more precise location and rotation for the current panorama, to increase accuracy, add more snaps until you are happy with the results. Here is an example of increased accuracy by adding more snaps.

Note: In most cases, for pano hopping tours, accuracy of 5 to 10 cm is sufficient to create a good experience.

Selecting a snap

To select and snap, click on the snap marker.

Adjusting a snap

To adjust a snap, select it first, and move the cursor to the adjusted position.

Removing a snap

To remove a snap, select it first, and then press the DELETE or BACKSPACE key.

Updated on: 14/06/2021

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