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Tools - Reconstruction - Openings

Opening tools are used to define openings in the room. They can be doors, doorways, windows, stairs or simply non-existing walls. Stairs are not implemented in this version

Create a Door or a Window

Select the appropriate tool

to create a door or doorway

to create a window

Orient the camera to look at the wall where the door or window will be.

Then click where one of the corners of the door or window should be.

Then click where the diagonal corner should be.

This will create the door or window.

Warning: a door or window cannot be rotated, only resized or moved.

Resizing a Door or a Window

To resize a door or a window drag the edge that needs to be resized. The dotted line indicates the depth of the door or window.

To move a Door or window, just click anywhere within the bounds of the selected object, and drag it.

Deleting a Door or a Window

To delete a door or a window, select it and press the DELETE or BACKSPACE key.

Updated on: 14/06/2021

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