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Room Content and Data

A room is defined by a space that is delimited by the boundaries of the floor outline. The floor outline is also used to generate the floor plans. A room contains geometry. The geometry is defined by a floor, a ceiling, walls, doors, windows and volumes. Geometry provides the support on which panoramas are projected to construct the final image.

A room uses panorama images to project the color information onto the different 3D elements, as well as provide vantage points where the viewing experience is 100% accurate with the captured images.

It is important to note that adding more refined and more detailed geometry will improve the image quality because the geometry provides support for the projection of the panorama images. This is particularly true when producing a true VR tour.

However, a simple geometry, made of walls, floor, ceiling and basic shapes, provides good quality when producing a panorama hopping virtual tour, because the geometry is only really used during the transition between a panorama to another.

Updated on: 14/06/2021

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