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Plan View

PLAN VIEW is used to assemble rooms together and have a floor plan view of the tour.

To navigate in the PLAN VIEW,

Use the mouse wheel to zoom-in or out
Draw in the viewport to pan in the plan

Room List

The room list panel is used to manage rooms used in the tour. Only rooms that are not used in the tour are listed. 

To create a new room hit ADD ROOM. This will open the room editor with a blank room.

Add a Room in the Tour

To add a room in the tour, drag and drop the desired room from the room list into the floor plan.

Floor Plan

Connecting Rooms

If the new room has the same door as a room that is already in the tour, it will be automatically positioned and oriented in order to match the existing door location.

However, manual positioning must be performed if there aren't any common doors with the existing rooms in the tour. To manually connect rooms using their doors, first hover over the door of the room to move, and click.

Then hover over the door of the room to connect to.

And click.

Change how Panoramas are connected

We will automatically connect panoramas that are connected through line of sight. But if you want to change them, just hover over the panorama dots to see what connections they have. Then click on the dot whose connections you want to modify.

To connect panoramas: Just click on the first panorama dot, click Connect To in the helper, then click the panorama you want to connect it to.

To disconnect panoramas: Click on the connection you want to sever, then click Disconnect in the helper.

To change movement between panoramas: Select the connection you want to change, then switch between Travel (gliding transition) and Teleport (jump transition) for the best transition for your tours.

We recommend using Travel for panoramas in the same room, and Teleport when moving between rooms.

Modify a Room's Location

To modify a room's location, select a room (click on the room), then drag it to the new location.

Helper Panel

The Helper Panel present properties of the selected object. Currently, only room properties can be set.

Updated on: 14/06/2021

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