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Multi-Tab Editing

Metareal Stage supports editing the different parts of a tour in multiple tabs.

Open in New Tab

To open a room or a tour in a different tab, hold the CTRL key when clicking on buttons to create or edit those rooms or the tour. For example:

Holding the CTRL key when clicking on NEW ROOM or EDIT TOUR will open the appropriate editors in a different tab.

Note that the tab's icon will have different colors based on the type of content. Red for the project browser and tour editor, and yellow for the room editor.

Switching Tabs

When switching tabs, the system will check if changes have occurred since the last time you switched away from the new current tab. Some delay might occur, and the data will be automatically updated, except for geometry data in the tour editor which needs to be optimized and can potentially take several seconds.

Refreshing Geometry Changes

Geometry data in the tour editor needs to be optimized and updated when changing the geometry of a room that is used in the current tour. As this is currently a long process that can take several seconds, refreshing the tour's geometry is done manually through the refresh button


Updated on: 14/06/2021

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