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Mobile Player

The Mobile Player lets users experience the final published tour on mobile devices such as Android smartphones, IPhones and IPads. To access the player, open a web browser on your mobile device and simply follow the tour's published URL.

Tours can be viewed in Portrait and Landscape mode.

The player provides the ability to show the FLOOR PLAN, MODEL and TOUR, with the player's view switcher.

And a list of rooms is also displayed at the bottom of the player's interface to quickly navigate to any room in the tour.

Supported Devices

Currently supported web browsers are Google Chrome and Safari, other browser may work but haven't been thoroughly validated yet. We have tested the player on the following mobile devices:

IPhone 6s, X
IPad Pro, Mini
Samsung S6, S7

Floor Plan

To navigate in the FLOOR PLAN,

Use Pinch to zoom in/out in the plan
Touch and drag in the view to pan the floor plan

Model View

To navigate in the MODEL VIEW

Use Pinch to zoom in/out
Touch and drag in the 3D viewport to orbit around the view
Double tap on a room to center the camera on that room


To navigate in the TOUR

Touch and drag in the 3D view to look around
Tap on a pano bubble or a pano locator (blue circles) to move to that view point
Tap anywhere on the 3D view to move to the closest pano bubble or pano location to the clicked location

Room List

Tap on the room's thumbnail to teleport to that room when in TOUR mode, or to center the camera on that room when in MODEL VIEW mode.

Updated on: 14/06/2021

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