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Managing Source Images

Source images are equirectangular panoramic photos that have been taken with either a DSLR camera with a pano bracket, or a 360 camera such as a Theta S or a Samsung Gear 360. Images need to be in 360° x 180° field of view format. Non-panorama images need to be stitched into this format using a third-party tool such as PTGUI Pro, such as when taking pictures with a DSLR camera and a detent/pano-bracket. Currently supported formats include JPG and PNG.

Source images are managed in the Source Images section in the project dashboard

Each image is represented by a tile, which displays the image name as well as the type of image. Hovering over the tile will show a checkbox that is used to select this image.

Adding new Source Images

To add source images, hit UPLOAD in the Source Images section.

This action will bring up the upload form.

You can either

Drag and drop JPG and PNG files in the drop area (identified with Drop local images here to upload)
Select DROPBOX or GOOGLE DRIVE to connect to your online directories, and import your projects from there
Hit BROWSE to use the operating system's file browser to pick images. Multiple images can be uploaded all at once. Once files are selected for upload, the form should look like this:

Each tile represents a file and displays the name of the file as well as its size.

Once you are ready to upload the images, hit UPLOAD. If you want to cancel the upload and go back to the project dashboard, hit CLOSE, or the red close button at the top right of the form.

Warning: Uploading a lot of files can take a significant amount of time. Do not close the tab while the upload occurs, otherwise, the upload process will abort.

Once the files are uploaded, they will be processed by our Cloud services and you will returned back to the project dashboard.

Since files need to be processed, they may take a while to become available to use. These images will be displayed with a gears icon to indicate that they are being worked on. Once they are available to use, they will be displayed using a thumbnail.

Deleting Source Images

To delete source images, select them using the image tile checkbox, and then hit DELETE.

You can select more than one image, and you can also select them all by checking ALL (left of DELETE).

Warning: Deleting source images is a permanent operation and is not undoable. Source images that are used in room reconstruction will be replaced by a placeholder that will have to be deleted manually in the room.

Updated on: 27/05/2021

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