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Image List

The image list is used to manage all panorama images that are used in the room reconstruction.

The image list pane can be hidden or displayed by hitting the arrow button 

 left of ADD IMAGE.

The Image Tile

Each image is represented by an image tile, which contains the following information:

the image index

if the image is a blend reference

if the image is the room's panorama reference

the original image thumbnail

a red border around the image tile to denote that it is the currently selected image.

If a panorama isn't the room reference or hasn't been registered yet, then a diagonal line will appear in the image tile to indicate that it isn't used yet.

Adding Images

To add an image to be used in the room reconstruction, hit ADD IMAGE. The image browser will appear.

Select the images to use in the room, or alternatively hit ALL to select all, and hit ADD to add them to the image list. You can hit CANCEL or the

button to go back to the room editor without adding images.

Note: The image browser will only show the images that haven't been used in the current room yet.

Deleting Images

To delete an image, hit the

button on the image tile of the image you want to delete.

Changing the Current Image

To set the current image, hit the image tile of the image you want current. A red rubber band will surround the image tile.

Setting an Image as a Blend Reference

To set an image as the blend reference, hit the

icon on the image tile.

Setting an Image as the Room Reference

See the documentation about the panorama helper.

Updated on: 14/06/2021

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