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Helper - Draw Door

The door helper panel provides additional ways of creating doors and doorways.

Place Door

PLACE DOOR lets you create a door in the current room with the exact same dimensions as existing doors from other rooms in the tour. This will enable the two rooms to connect correctly when adding them in the tour editor.

First select the existing door to place in the list.

Then hit PLACE DOOR. A door cursor will appear. Place it at the top left corner of the door on the image.

And click. The existing door will appear with the exact same dimensions and name.

Choose Wall as Doorway

When reconstructing rooms, the system creates a floor surrounded by walls. However some walls actually don't exist and are just doorways. Use the CHOOSE WALL AS DOORWAY to mark that a wall is actually a doorway. To do this, hit SELECT WALL

and click on the wall to set as a doorway. A black stippled outline will indicate that the wall is now a doorway.

Updated on: 14/06/2021

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