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Viewing Metareal Tours in Virtual Reality (VR)

All Metareal tours work in VR using WebXR. We target the Oculus/Meta Quest headsets.

Please make sure you're using the mobile version of the page in the Oculus Brower - You need to request the web site in Mobile Mode, you will be able to go in immersive mode.

Once in VR mode, you can explore your 360 photos by looking around and navigate through the tours. There are multiple navigation options available:

a. Gaze navigation: Use your gaze to select the desired hotspot, and the tour will automatically progress to the next image.
b. Remote control: Utilize the buttons on your remote control to navigate between posts.
c. Gear VR headset touchpad: If using a Gear VR headset, you can use the touchpad located on the side for navigation.

Please note that these instructions specifically apply to Metareal tours in VR using the WebXR platform. By following these steps, you can fully immerse yourself in the tour experience and navigate seamlessly through the content.

Updated on: 17/07/2023

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