Make your tours load faster for your clients by publishing them to a regional server near you. You can now publish to:

  1. US East (ideal for users in Canada & the US)
  2. Asia Pacific North East (ideal for users in or near Japan, Korea, & China)
  3. Asia Pacific South East (ideal for users in South East Asia & Oceania)
  4. Europe North (ideal for EU users)


  • The URL for each region is different. Make sure to use the link for the region you want to share.
  • The more regions you publish to, the more storage your tour will take up. So be sure to only publish to the regions you need to.
  • We're planning to add more regions in the future, so stay tuned for that if your region wasn't included in this update.

Build For You

  • You will now receive an email notification when the production team is done building your tour.
  • Lens height is now required when submitting a job, so your tours will have the correct dimensions.

Virtual Reality

  • Toggle VR view on/off in the Tour Editor, to allow/prevent viewers from seeing your tour in VR.

+ Over 30 bugs fixed!

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