• Make your tours even more engaging by showing a floorplan minimap your viewers can interact with during the tour.
  • Minimap can be seen on desktop, tablet, and VR. Not available on mobile, as it takes up too much screen space there.

Background Image

  • Create colorful and accurate floorplans by changing the background image to show a bird's eye view of your tour.


  • You can now import JPEG files to replace your floorplan image, instead of just SVGs.
  • Exporting the floorplan SVG also includes generated background image.


  • Highlight important dimensions by manually adding new measurements.

  • Dimension units (metric/imperial) now reflect project settings.


  • Stop pano hotspots from blocking your floorplan text by moving your text around.


  • Get events from Floorplan View to trigger tour behavior.

Tour Navigation

  • Transition between views faster by clicking on a floorplan hotspot to enter that place in your tour.
  • Avoid having to click and move between several panos to reach the pano you want. Clicking on a panorama bubble/icon now moves the viewer there.

Room Editor

  • Walls no longer show in Interactive Mode, so it's less cluttered.
  • Select which surfaces you want to hide in your 3D model by toggling visibility for floors, walls, and ceilings using the Draw tool. (Click Select, click surface you want to edit, switch between show/hide, and refresh your model. Hidden surfaces will be colored green in the Room Editor.)

Tour Editor

  • Holding Shift + click lets you move around in Model View.
  • Nav maps now easier to edit with multi-select. (Click Select, click and drag until bounding box is covering all the transitions you want to edit, change transition, click Apply)


Full Service

  • Check on the progress for your submitted job by clicking on it in the project browser.

+ Over 67 bugs fixed!

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