Viewer Notes

Make your virtual tours more interactive than ever before with our new Notes tool!

Premium users can now:

  • Create note sessions and share them via URL. (Sample case: As a real estate agent, you can send the link to potential buyers and their realtors so you can give them a guided virtual walkthrough)
  • Let anyone with the link add notes and measurements to your tour (Sample case: Show off the living room, let your prospects add notes about the furniture, address those immediately, and add your own notes about the fireplace)
  • Allow your viewers to share their notes with other people. (Sample case: After doing a house tour with a couple, they can share the tour + note session with their friends and family)
  • Keep your note sessions private by sharing different sessions with different people (URL's are randomly generated, and only people with the exact URL will be able to view your notes and edit them).

3D Floorplans

  • Switch between different floors in Model view to turn your 3D model into a 3D floorplan.

Thumbnail Preview

  • Your thumbnails can now be used as a preview image. Replace it with any PNG or JPG file, and let your viewers see that before they click "OK" to enter your tour.

+ Over 34 bugs fixed!

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