• We've upgraded our VR tours to WebXR! VR mode should now be working for Oculus headsets once again. Besides that, now that we've upgraded to WebXR, we'll be able to work on adding Augmented Reality elements to our platform!

Stay tuned for future AR updates!


Keyboard Navigation

  • We've updated our keyboard navigation to accommodate more traditional as well as WASD keymapping. The controls are now:

UP-Arrow / W / SPACE / ENTER - Step forward
DOWN-Arrow / S - Step backward
LEFT-Arrow / A - Look left
RIGHT-Arrow / D - Look right
R - Look up
F - Look down

Tool Tips

  • New tool tips when hovering over the player menu, to quickly explain what each icon is to your viewers


Extrusion Volume

  • There's a new type of volume on the block! Say hello to extrusion volumes. Useful for drawing volumes that can't be approximated by cubes or cylinders. Just click & drag a point to move it wherever you want it to go. You can also click between two points to add another point. (We're planning on developing extrusion volumes further in future updates. Don't hesitate to tell us how we can make them better for you!)

Disable Snapping

  • Disable automatic snapping for volumes by holding down SHIFT while drawing or editing them.

Change Door Icon

  • Premium users can now replace the Door icon when changing their theme

"Open" icon made by Pause08 from www.flaticon.com


New Functions


Delete Bad Assets

  • Free up your storage by quickly deleting bad assets in your account. Just go to your Usage page, and under Assets click "Lost & Found" to navigate to this page:

+ Over 31 bugs fixed!

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