Skinning (now available for Premium users)

  • Replace panorama locators with your own images.
  • Customize the player's fonts, icons, and colors however you want to get on-brand tours.
  • Save and load the skin themes that you've made, so you don't have to keep manually customizing your tours.
  • Move around your tours easier with the new keyboard navigation. Press the UP and DOWN arrow keys to look up or down, LEFT and RIGHT to look around, and SPACE or ENTER to move forward.

3D Models

High-Quality Textures

  • Produce seamless textures from your panoramas.

Quick Preview

  • Quickly preview 3D models & textures in Model View even before it's done rendering.


Track Model Events

  • Get interaction events when the user is in model view, for building interactive experiences

Control Viewer Camera

  • Create your own auto-play navigation by changing your viewer's angle and switching between different panoramas and views.

Cleaner Docs


Duplicate Rooms

  • Avoid having to start over again when you're trying to figure out how to build a complicated room. Just Shift + Click to make multiple copies.

Snap Volumes to Surfaces

  • Volumes now snap to floors and other objects in your room, so you no longer have to guess if they're going past borders.

Same Page Login

  • Whenever you get accidentally logged out, you'll get logged into the same page you were at.

Revit Import

Automatic Upload

  • Importing projects from Revit is now even faster than before. After adding your cameras, all you have to do now is login through the Metareal plugin, and we'll automatically generate and upload your project for you.

+ Over 30 bugs fixed!

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