Player SDK

Go beyond simple embedding! Integrate the Metareal player with your website using our new Player SDK.

What can you do with the SDK?

You can now listen to player events while viewers are going through your tour, and have the player respond to those events.

Just a few possibilities:

  • Make a rich media panel pop up when a user clicks on a label
  • Access your tour data
  • Switch between panoramas every few seconds
  • Add multiple players to your page

Click here to view the SDK documentation. You can also access it through the Integrations page. (Note: Javascript is needed to make use of the SDK)

Pricing Changes

1. Affordable Automation

Using the Metareal Production Service to build your whole project for you is now more affordable than ever!

Creator: from CDN$6 down to CDN$4 / panorama
Professional: from CDN$5 down to CDN$3  / panorama
Premium: from CDN$4 down to CDN$2  / panorama 

Just click the "Build it for me" button on your Project Dashboard to request this service.

2. Custom logos for Professionals

Adding custom logos is no longer limited to just Premium and Enterprise users. Professional users can now personalize their tours with their own logos now too.

Find this panel in the Tour Editor > Preview view.

Do note that the Metareal watermark will still show for Professional users, and custom nadirs are still only for Premium and Enterprise users.

3. Storage-Based Pricing

Our subscription plans used to be based on tour hosting quota (in other words, how many times your tours were being viewed). We've now switched to storage-based pricing, as outlined below:

Creator: store up to 1 GB in your account (enough space for about 20 projects as big as the sample project)
Professional: up to 5 GB
Premium: up to 50 GB
Enterprise: unlimited storage

Once you fill up your allotted storage, you'll no longer be able to upload new panoramas, create new projects, or publish & export old projects. We'll send you an email as soon as our system detects that you're close to exceeding your limit.

To free up space, you can delete old files and projects, or upgrade to a higher plan.

We decided to make this change because storage-based pricing is easier to predict, gives you more control over your costs, and results in more stable fees month-per-month.

You can view how much free storage you have left on your Usage page (make sure you're logged in to view this page).

+ Over 16 bugs fixed!

Comment on this new release and see what other users are saying in the Metareal Stage Users Group!

Have another feature you want us to add? Send us an email or chat message and tell us all about it.

If you want a more in-depth conversation, you can also book a call direct to Gareth, our CEO, anytime.

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