• Quickly switch from travel-based navigation to teleport navigation by setting the default movement in Project Settings, and overwrite all pano movement from teleport to travel, and vice versa, in the Tour Editor
  • View volume measurements by hovering the mouse over volume lines, to understand the dimensions of objects such as furniture in your tour
  • Automatically import camera positions from Revit, so you don't have to manually connect your panos in Stage (also no need to level!)
  • Create truly accurate & immersive virtual tours of Revit projects by exporting their 3D models into Metareal (no need to draw volumes!)
  • View and scale imported wireframes to match geometry with panos
  • Snap room dimensions to geometry for faster room building

We'll upload a tutorial for the entire Revit import workflow soon. But if you'd like to make use of this feature immediately, go ahead and book a one-on-one tutorial with us.

+ Over 52 bugs fixed!

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