• Bad panoramas and bad rooms will automatically be marked broken for easy diagnostics and disposal
  • Projects that are sent for automated processing have a better indication of their progress
  • Storage size can now be shown by project or for the entire account on the project browser page

Special note:
The first time you open the project browser, it might appear to be unresponsive for a few seconds if you have a lot of projects. It’s because we are calculating the size of old projects. We will do this only once per project, so any sessions after that shouldn't experience any further delays.

  • PDF and image files can be attached as additional assets to the project (for example attaching a finished floor plan)
  • User tags can now be set in the project dashboard
  • Panorama, room, and project count are now displayed in the usage page, to make it easier to track your current and past usage
  • Enterprise admins now have a bird's eye view of their members' activities on the team page

+ Over 36 bugs fixed!

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