Publish to Google Street View

Metareal is now Google Street View Ready!

Pro, Premium, and Enterprise subscribers can now enjoy direct publishing to Google Street View using our platform. It’s as easy as hitting “Publish” and selecting the GSV option, and then choosing the location you want your tour to be in.

Browse easier with our new Project Browser

As you get more and more projects, you’ll run into the happy problem of needing to figure out how the heck you should organize them all. We’ve changed our project browser to make that a lot easier for you. Here’s what you can do with it now:

1. Switch between thumbnail & list view

Need a more visual preview of your projects? Go for the thumbnail view. Need a sorted listing of each project and all its metadata? Go for the list view.

2. Tag & categorize as you like

Maybe you want to tag your projects according to location. Or maybe you just want to remember which tours have people in them. Add whatever tags you want to with our completely customizable tagging system.

If you have an Enterprise account with multiple users, you'll find this especially helpful. Create a Users tag, and then assign each project to individual users. Each user can easily filter the view by their username.

3. Search & filter

Looking for that tour you did a while back? You don’t have to dig through your old files to find it now. Just type a name or tag to find it.

4. Show/hide project info

Show only the details you need to spark joy in your workflow.

Import images from Dropbox or Google Drive

Collaborating with your clients and teams should now be much easier. You don’t have to go through the hassle of sharing files on the cloud, downloading them, and uploading them to your project dashboard. Just connect your Dropbox or GDrive accounts to pull your images straight from them into your Metareal account.

Massive speed improvements

Whether you’re simply making floorplans, or the next great Google Street View tour, opening each editor is now many times faster. So from now on, you’ll be seeing a lot less of that little Metareal spinner you’ve probably developed a love-hate relationship with by now!

Fewer downtimes while project building

You may have noticed that some of our URLs have changed. Instead of just having the entire website on, we’ve moved the Metareal Stage app itself to (Don’t worry, your tour links haven’t been affected). This way, every time we update the homepage, your tour building experience should remain unaffected, and vice versa.

+ Over 78 bugs fixed!

Have another feature you want us to add? Send us an email and tell us all about it.

If you want a more in-depth chat, you can also book a call direct to Gareth, our CEO, anytime.

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