As a tour builder, you'll often encounter locations with multiple floors. How do you build floorplans out of that? And how do you make your tours transition seamlessly between those floors?

The process to do that is pretty simple with Metareal. Just follow these steps:

1. Build connecting rooms with "trap doors"

Here's a panorama with a staircase connecting two floors together.

You add it just like you add any door. The only difference is you draw this one in the ceiling instead of the wall. You should also set your trapdoor's open options to "None" and thickness to "0", so it doesn't show in your floorplans.

Then when you're building the room this staircase is connected to, just place the door you've built on the floor, right on top of your staircase.

2. Assign your rooms to different floors

Now that you've built your rooms, it's time to put them in your tour editor.

Just drag and drop your rooms into the tour editor canvas. They'll automatically snap together. You just have to label which floor your rooms belong to.

Here's a quick recording to show you how that works:

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