Why do I need Tour Hosting data?

You can make an unlimited number of tours with Metareal. But if you want to share your tours with other people, our servers can only host so many before all the storage and traffic gets too expensive for us to support.

Each subscription plan therefore has a set hosting quota per month.

  1. Free Creator accounts have 1GB per month
  2. Professional accounts have 5GB per month
  3. Premium accounts have 50GB per month
  4. Enterprise accounts enjoy unlimited hosting

You use up your quota every time you publish a tour to a platform we'll need to host (ie. WebGL), or export a project or floorplan, or every time someone visits your published tour. The bigger your tour the higher the usage. And the more tours and visitors you have, the more hosting data you'll need.

Where can I see how much data I have left?

You can view your account's current data usage on your usage page (you'll need to be logged in to view this page).

What happens if my data runs out?

Once you go past your account's limit, other people won't be able to view your Web tours anymore. You will also be unable to export floorplans and projects, or publish new tours. This block will persist until your next billing cycle a month later, when your usage quota resets.

We'll warn you through notifications, chat, and email once you start getting close to your data limit. 

Rest assured, none of your projects will be deleted if you run out of hosting data.

Can't I just host my published tours on my own server?

We are working on making this possible for our users. It's one of our many milestones before we transition out of the Beta stage.

In a way, you can already do this though. If you publish your tour to Google Street View, Google will be hosting it for you, and we won't charge you for any visits to those tours.

How do I get more hosting data?

If you want to keep your tours live and exports accessible, you can buy add-ons (visit our pricing page to see how much they cost depending on your plan).

These add-ons are one-time consumables. That means, if you buy a 10GB add-on, and you end up using all 10GB this month, you'll have to buy another add-on if your quota still hasn't reset. Top ups also expire after one month.

Alternatively, you could upgrade your subscription to a higher tier plan.

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