Metareal Stage, your favorite 3D virtual tour composer, has just upgraded to Beta 5.3!

Here are all the new features that have been added since we last checked in:

Delight your customers with…

Faster and smoother transitions

Amaze your viewers with cleaner transitions and crisper images with our updated Metareal Tour Player. (To update existing tours to use the new player, just open your project, click the “Learn More” button, then “Re-Process Now”, and then re-publish your tour. It’s that easy!)

New independent viewing service

Published tours are now hosted on different servers independent of the Stage application! This means that we can ensure maximum uptime and smooth, fast tour viewing performance no matter how many users are online at once.

Linking to your exact view

When viewing your published tour, the link in the address bar will now contain the exact position of whatever image and angle you’re looking at. Sharing that link with others will let them start your tour with that exact view. This lets you easily share particular locations with your remote viewers (and external systems like e-commerce platforms).

Context labels

You can now attach rich-text and image labels to any point inside your virtual tour. You can use this to give important items and locations more context. Labels can also be set to link to other URLs upon clicking (all links will open in a new tab, don’t worry!).

More configurable player UI

Maybe you don’t want your viewers to see your tour’s floorplan. Maybe you want to customize your tour for desktop users specifically. Hide unnecessary menu items from your viewers so they can focus on only the sights you want them to see.

Build tours easier with…

DXF floorplans export

Professional and Enterprise users can now export their floorplans to the .dxf format, letting you edit them in Autodesk and other CAD software.

New wedge object

Stairs and other triangular 3D objects can now be better represented with our new wedge object. Just draw a cuboid volume and remove one of the edges.

Highlighted surface when editing volumes

Volume drawing and movement is now more intuitive, with plane grids that highlight the specific surface you’re working on.

Faster room baking

We’ve optimized our tour editor to bake your rooms faster without sacrificing quality, letting you create and publish your tours that much quicker.

Visual guides on/off

Keep your room editor tidy by only showing the visual guides you need on the screen.

Manage teams better with…

Enterprise team management

Link multiple users to one account by upgrading to Enterprise, and gain the ability to distribute your projects among your team members. You’ll also get unlimited tour hosting and priority customer service!

Real-time collaboration

Allow multiple people to work on the same project at the same time safely, without having to worry about anyone overwriting other people’s work: When multiple users try to edit the same asset at the same time, the second user is prevented from making changes and is shown a “Read Only” notice.

Downloadable usage reports

Monitor your team’s workflow by checking your account’s team usage reports, downloadable as CSV files.

We’ve also fixed over 143 bugs!

If you have any other features you want the Metareal team to add, or any bugs you want us to fix, visit the Metareal website and click the chat icon on the lower right of the page. We’d love to help you out.

You can also book a Google Hangouts call directly with our CEO through this link,, if you want a more in depth conversation.

Happy tour building!

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