The breadcrumb lets you know where you are in the hierarchy of content.

Renaming the Tour

You can modify the name of the tour by clicking on the bold text in the breadcrumb and entering text. Hitting enter once the name is good will save the change.

Top Bar

The top bar provides controls over visualization as well as general editing controls.

View Modes

 Use the View Modes pulldown menu to switch view modes.PLAN VIEW is used to assemble rooms together and have a floor plan view of the tour MODEL VIEW is used to place labels and have a 3D model view of the tour PREVIEW is used to set the tour's display options and to preview it as it would when published. 


UNDO and REDO are used to undoing and redoing edits in the room editor. You can also use CTRL-Z and CTRL-Y on Windows, or CMD-Z and CMD-Y on MacOS to undo or redo.

The refresh button will turn red when a room used in the tour have been changed outside of the current editing session. Hit the refresh button to get the latest edits.

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