Use this tool to define the floor outline and to set walls height.

Selecting a floor corner

To select a floor corner, click on it. The floor corner marker will change to a double circle.

When a floor corner is selected, one or two protractors as well as an alignment guide will appear. A line between the selected corner and the mouse cursor will also appear to preview how a new point would be connected.

Using the Protractors

Protractors are visual guides and constraints that help build precise rooms. They are placed on points that are relevant for the current editing operation.

There are up to 2 protractors. By default, they are not turn on but are used as visual guides. They are turned off by pressing the 1 or 2 key, which enables the corresponding protractor. Or by toggling them in the helper.

Enabling a protractor snap will constraint angles to multiples of 15 degrees. Additionally, you can change the color of the protractors so that they are more visible. For example here, we have set the protractor inactive color to blue and its active color to green.

Note: The protractors snap by using the grid as a reference. It's very important to align the reference panorama correctly to get good results.

Adding a floor corner

Click at the location on the floor where you want to add a corner. A corner marker will appear at that location, as well as a vertical guide. The vertical guide is useful to guide the corner when it's not visible on the floor, but is either on the ceiling or on a wall corner.

To add a corner connected to an existing corner, select the existing corner first, and then click where you want the new corner to be. While hovering, a vertical guide on both the existing corner and the cursor will appear, and the protractor will be active as well. You can use the vertical guide to precisely position the new corner even if it's not visible on the floor.

To add a corner in the middle of a floor line, click on the line, this will create a new corner that you will be able to move.

Moving a floor corner

To move a corner, select it and drag it to the appropriate location. During drag, two protractors are displayed to indicate how angle snapping is going to constrain the movement.

Deleting a floor corner

To delete a corner, select it and press the DELETE or BACKSPACE key.

Setting the wall height

To set a ceiling edge height, click and drag one of the ceiling edge to the correct height. Note that this will change the height of a single edge, not the entire room. Note also that the height will only display the correct value if the Lens Height has been set correctly for the panorama.

To set the height of a ceiling corner, click and drag the ceiling corner to the correct height.

Note that this will result in a slanted ceiling.

CAUTION: If you find yourself needing to slant the ceiling for a room that does not, in the real world, have a slanted ceiling, it is very likely that your panorama is not level and therefore it will not be possible to create an accurate reconstruction. In this case it is best to level your panorama first, and start reconstruction again.

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