New Features

  • Smart angle snapping makes it easy to create straight walls and perfect angles.
  • Rooms place themselves automatically in the Tour Editor when they share a Door
  • Published versions can now be refreshed (Republished on the same URL)

Bug Fixes

Project Dashboard

  • Changed "UNKNOWN" project type for "CORRUPTED PROJECT"
  • Show/hide image list is not ghosted
  • Unselecting an image won't unselect ALL
  • Project browser name now updates when changing a project name in the dashboard
  • Image upload now fixed/restricted when the file has unsupported characters
  • When logging out, user is taken straight back to homepage.


  • The published versions table stays the same size
  • The clicking area of the export and publish button is properly sized
  • Publishing only bakes the Rooms that are actually in the tour
  • Publish is more robust and can handle broken/corrupt Rooms
  • Fixed a crash in the Publish Services

Model View

  • Model aspect ratio stays correct even when window aspect ratio changes

Room Editor

  • Upload image form fixed
  • Grid spacing is now 1 meter
  • Undo no longer flips the view upside down
  • Movement between bubbles in room editor is smoother
  • Can exit Measure by pressing Escape even before starting to draw a measure line

Tour Editor

  • Clicking on a label no longer moves the camera in Model view
  • In Tour Editor, the last action is now always saved correctly


  • Double-touch when in Tour View no longer corrupts texture
  • Touch movement is now proportional as with mouse movement
  • View mode buttons are properly sized on mobile
  • The buttons and thumbnails no longer disappear when changing the phone orientation
  • Fixed Android Mobile Viewer performance issues


  • Package download (specially with big files) now working
  • Uploading a Project Package is fixed
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